Weelll it’s two in the morning and I have got to find a faster way to finish my comics.  It takes about 4 hours to do this.  I do enjoy every minute of it, but I would be so much more content if it could be done in like… an hour! Haheh.  I spent a lot of time tweaking a few additions into the site.  I added a forum page! 😀  So now people who like the comic, can stay for the coffee and chat a while.  I also added a donation button to the menu, if you want to help me pay for the hosting or whatnots.  I also made a blog page for all my blogs! Not that I write too terribly many since school is in session.  Ben does help out on a significant amount of comics, so I offered him a page where he too, can post the stories and discussions he wishes. Well I do hope you enjoy the way my story arc is going.  Slowly but surely it’s taking place. :)

Be Happy Be Happy! ~White.