And it’s quite true.  Sometimes it’s all about perspective.  I really get to be critical of my comics up here sometimes, but it’s assuring to hear from friends and fans that they really like them and should continue to put them up!  I was going to do a zelda one tonite, in fact I had two scripts I couldn’t really decide on or really tweak to make it that extra little funnier.  One was about obtaining Din’s fire, and while I thought it was funny, it’s a bit too inappropriate for my site.  At least that’s how I feel for now.  The other was what goes through every teenager’s mind when they pull out the master sword and become older. I was a sad panda, so all I have for now is a filler.

I picked this filler in particular because I’ve been DMing a campaign for a couple friends.  4.0 is actually a LOT of fun, especially because I focus on things like FUN and IMAGINATION instead of numbers and rules.  This isn’t to say I don’t know the rules or abide by them, but between Jaime who loves the fights and exp, and Cristina who enjoys the story and characters instead of reading, I have a pretty interesting time.  Just the other day I had to voice two different characters almost simultaneously because the group split up.  I am making note so that won’t happen again!