MY WORD. That literally took 8 hours. I’m trying to do more of my stuff in photoshop than in sketchbook pro now. In fact I did the whole thing in photoshop except for the text.  IF there’s anyway I could copy a font and put it into photoshop I would certainly love to know how.  DID you know cockroaches mate for life? Ever since I heard that, I haven’t killed one. That’s not to say I don’t scream as I pick them up and throw them outside!  Well I’m newly graduated.  I thought school was hard, pshht. That was the easy part. Finding a job is tremendously difficult.  In other news, I was being depressed and thought I have no skills suitable for making comics, but then when I told a couple of friends that pretty much smacked the sense into me to keep going.  Always good to have friends like that. Here I tried to pick up an actual story arc that started with Delta Police Squad recruitment. As a gamer I chuckled at the acronym.