I used to play the wind off Oblivion, which thus made me play the jewels off Skyrim.  I must say though, I like Oblivion more, and would continue to play that instead if it weren’t for the fact I A. played every single question at least four times, and B. the graphics are really bad. At least I could mod my character in that game!  What does Skyrim have? Not a WHOLE lot of exploitations.  Anyway, I usually always start out with being a rogue-ish type, because why buy the milk, when you can steal the cow?!  I got to the point between sneak and illusion was so high, I could steal EVERYTHING off a NPC and still walk away without them noticing a thing.  I took a week off from the story line I had in gear because I persuaded my friend Jaime to get into comics.  Now we have friendly competition about making themed comics each week.  I missed out last week’s Zelda comic, but here I am with Elder Scrolls!