This is about how people always seem to forget what faith means to other people.  So don’t forget just because you think something doesn’t mean other people think of it in the same ways!  Getting back in the saddle of makin comics! This time I remembered it would probably be best if I have several layers of my line work to color back ground, foreground, and still have a layer on top with the original line work.  I did all the coloring in photoshop. We’ll I did everything in photoshop except the fonts, and of course the original sketch.  I thought I was finally over this cold, and today at work I was haunted with a sore throat, the TERROR!  I realized I read a LOT of webcomics, just hit the links tab to see what I mean.  I would really like to meet a few buddies who are at the same pace I am, when it comes to making webcomics, so we can talk the trade and what have yous.