Let it be known that I have a perfectly rational fear of lawn gnomes, and I’m okay with that.  It all started with Fallout 3, I’m pretty sure it was was when I was talking to that giant super computer the Enclave listened to…Well being the normal looter I am, I have to scour every room to see if there is anything good.  I went into this bathroom, in this super secret Enclave headquarters, and I notice a little blood by a stall door, when I open it, the toilet is full of body parts, blood every where! All I see looking back at me with those little beady eyes is a lawn gnome, in perfectly good condition. Just sitting there, perched on the tank.

IT didn’t do me any good when I posted in on Facebook that I was working on this comic, because my friend Megan sent me a picture of a lawn gnome lamp….it was so white, it had no skin, no paint, it was so horrible.