Stardate Log: 01-10-13


I finally took the time to learn a little bit about photoshop.  In fact I spent the majority of the day figuring out how to use it.  I really need to take an introductory class.  In fact, I wish there was a video tutorial to teach only the things a cartoonist would use in it.  That would make things so much simpler, if you have seen any of this let me know!  On the other hand, I finally figured out how to live stream my desktop if people should ever be interested in watching me get to work.  It’s the first week of classes… Since it’ll be my last year in Forensics, I’m just antsy to finish.

I got too caught up in playing with the background and how to use photoshop, that I totally forgot that the last panel was too wide and that it would probably have looked better if I drew little Foxtrot in there again, but I was already done with everything and I am tired.  I’m going to take the win of learning and move on.

The birds and the bees…  This is exactly how I’ll explain it to my children.  It may seem a bit critical to say that there is nothing more to it than bees sting and birds fly away, but if it isn’t the oversimplified truth!