Here’s another story from creative writing class! It’s a bit sad though.

Addressing the newly painted stage tore at my heart.  It was such a sudden reaction, I had to look away almost as soon as I saw it.  My fingers hooked around the switch to the lights as I turned to leave.  A jolt ran up my arm that felt like fire.  Cursing aloud by the surprise, it didn’t take me long to start laughing.  Dahlia was the one who knew the secret to this dark and lurking electrical panel.  It was only a few nights after the accident… Her accident.  As if on cue, I could hear the roar of pounding rain from outside.  It’s been raining ever since.  The Lights now dim, it’s a bit easier to look at the stage.  It wasn’t always painted white, that disgusting potpourri antibacterial varnish was really what I hated the most and why it was there in the first place.  I remember first seeing dahlia, I saw the spotlight flicker on with a few clicks, blinding the poor girl as she quickly reaches for the flower vase to bring to her ear, completely missing the phone on the table.